• Outstanding Support for Business and Home

    Whether it’s a workstation failure or a complete IT solution from design to build, we can help!

  • Bespoke IT Installation

    Computers, printers, networks and much more can be setup for your home or business

  • Using an unprotected Windows PC

    There is now a 50% chance of being infected by an internet worm in just 12 minutes of being online using.

about us

Systems engineers with 21 years’ of IT experience
It is our job to keep your business running at all times We use our knowledge and experience to prevent systems from failing, provide effective disaster recovery solutions and implement  seamless migrations and upgrades. The company primarily specialises in offering hardware and system support to a range of departments within the NHS sector, these include doctors surgeries, health centres and hospitals.

client support

Crowbytes ability to operate successfully within a stringent area such as Healthcare has left it well placed to also offer similar services to a broader range of businesses within the South West. Support can be supplied either realtime or by contract, by site visits or remote support using the latest tools. We work constantly with the Care Commonisioning Groups in the South West, providing support and hardware to Primary Care settings.

IT Support Contracts for Business

Our comprehensive IT Support and Management contracts deliver a full-time IT support department to your business at a fraction of the cost of employing an in house IT staff or and IT department.  More

Remote IT Support & Management

Our Engineers first diagnose the fault over the telephone or via Remote Access. In the event of equipment failure a Technician is despatched to your site with the necessary parts to fix the problem.  More

Proactive IT Management for Business

Good IT management is not simply reacting and resolving issues quickly…It’s about preventing the problems in the first place and being ahead of the game when it comes to new developments and technology.  More

Computer Networking and Data Cabling

Whether you are a new starter in business, relocating to new offices, upgrading or expanding your existing computer network and computer system, Crowbytes will make sure you have a infrastructure you can rely on.  More

Computer Backup & Disaster Recovery

Crowbytes places the utmost importance on backing up your Computer Systems. We will install a comprehensive backup system for your computer system that works.  More

IP CCTV Systems for Business

We know your business is important. We also know that securing your business can be expensive. With the latest IP CCTV systems we can setup, install and manage for a fraction of the cost of a traditional CCTV system.  More

Computer System Installation

The key to a successful implementation or upgrade to a new computer system is in fully understanding your business first.  More

Secure Remote Access

We can configure, install and support Remote Access solutions to give you the flexibility to work remotely from home or anywhere in the world.  More